evolving cuisine

food that inspires

where we began

In 2007 chef Robert Dixon created a unique Santa Barbara restaurant using homemade recipes written on napkins to craft a French-inspired menu featuring Ethiopian dishes.   
Here at Petit Valentien we are committed to serving our community the highest quality ingredients and providing a family friendly and welcoming environment to dine in.  We believe in serving fresh food with interesting flavors that’s simply for everyone.  

the cuisine

Petit Valentien is a French influenced bistro located at the heart of State Street in Santa Barbara.  We offer a menu that’s inspired by the seasons—lighter in the summer and heavier in the winter—to adapt to the unique flavors that each season offers. Half of our menu is seafood and we proudly serve locally caught fish almost exclusively.

the atmosphere

Petit Valentien offers casual dining in a quaint setting with food that is made for everyone. Whether you’re in Santa Barbara visiting all the sites or you’re a local that has lived in town your whole life, we hope that your dining experience at Petit Valentien introduces you to something new.